Beating Cancer With A Healthy Diet.

Cancer. The Modern Killer

Beating Cancer With A Healthy Diet.

November 12, 2018 Beating Cancer 0

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or you have a family history of cancer. There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you get the best chance of beating cancer. One of these things is if you are eating a healthy diet. There are so many benefits that you will have when you are eating healthier. These are some food that will ensure that you can start living healthier and beat cancer.

Certain names are better cancer fighters than other

This is the secret. We all know that apples are healthy and that it can fight against cancer. But, there are different name apples on the market. And, they don’t all have the same fighting properties. For example, if you are purchasing Granny Smith apples, are going to give you double the cancer-fighting properties than Fuji or Golden Delicious apples.

The same goes for tomatoes. The San Marzano tomato has more cancer-fighting properties than other tomatoes.

Eating more greens

This is for sure the one type of vegetable that so little people enjoy. We are all trying to avoid green vegetables.

However, this is the one type of vegetable that you should get into your diet, at least once a day. There are so many healthy properties with these vegetables, that include cancer-fighting properties. This is time to think healthy and to think green.


Raw or cooked tomatoes. This is the one thing that has the most cancer-fighting properties. Especially when it comes to prostate cancer. By eating a tomato, a day is keeping the doctor away. Not an apple.

Raw is always better, but it isn’t possible to eat all your tomatoes raw. This is why tomatoes are the recommended in-between meal snacks.

Garlic and onions

We all know that garlic and onions are healthy. But, did you know that eating regular garlic and onions together is giving the number one cancer fighter? Yes, you can use them separated as well, but they are a lot more potent when they are used together.

The best way to consume them is to fry them together until they are cooked. Then, you can use it with your meat or even in your pasta. This doesn’t only make your food taste great, but it will give you your body the right strength to fight cancer.

Yes, there is a huge variety of food that you can eat that will assist you in cure cancer. This doesn’t mean that you should not leave your doctor’s treatment and just start consuming these fruit and vegetables. This only means that with the treatment, it can just be beneficial to make use of these foods on a daily basis. Then, you will have a better change with beating cancer. One last thing that you should remember is that you should make sure that you know what food is better for what type of cancer. So, that you can get the most out of your daily consumption.

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